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Fro-fabulous Black Hair

Afro Hair Love


My collections are inspired and influenced principally by Black women and our beautiful afro hair. For decades, Black women have endured social pressure to relax their hair or wear straight hair pieces in order to conform to western and media ideals. Ideals that influenced and pushed the notion that black natural hair is unprofessional, unkempt and unattractive.

The stigma towards black hair is steadily being eroded by the pace of an exciting natural hair movement. Legions of black women are choosing to return to their roots by embracing their natural hair or opting for hair pieces that resemble afro hair. The continuing increase in the representation of Black women wearing their natural hair in media advertising, entertainment and professional landscapes is beautiful to see, and we're 100% *hair* for it!

Natural Hair Influencers + Inspiration

We often see actresses such as Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira regularly rock their fro’s with pride and versatility. One of my favourite inspirations figures, leading Marketing Executive and former Uber Chief Brand Officer Bozoma Saint John is renowned for her elaborate, unique hair pieces. Such high-profile personalities are significant examples of natural hair representation and much needed ‘hair-influential’ role models for girls and women of all ages.

When I made the decision to stop wearing hair pieces and wear my hair in it’s natural glory, my personal experience was one of empowerment. I felt as though I'd shed an outer layer that I no longer needed or wanted. I certainly underestimated how liberated I would feel. Having neglected my curls for so many years, I had to learn again how to care for my hair and this took me on a discovery of luscious, natural hair products formulated by an array of emerging small Black owned businesses.


I discovered influential social media personalities such as @bbksupernatural, @curlbellaa, @Curlygalchlo and @nakawunde, all prominent ‘naturalista’s’ and advocates for natural hair. Whilst they don’t proclaim to be experts in their field, they share their knowledge, tips and recommendations on how to care for afro hair. Such golden nuggets of advice enables followers to be a part of natural hair communities and have insightful conversations centered on loving and nourishing our hair.

I’m proud to rock my ‘fro and I’ve realised it’s importance as an expression of who I am.

I hope that my art will instill the same confidence and sense of pride in you and inspires generations of young girls and women to love the beauty of their hair, because it’s Fro-fabulous!

Nicola x