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I'm Nicola, an illustrator and founder of Nicola Lespeare Greeting Cards, a distinctive greeting card brand that draws

inspiration from fabulous afros and the richness of deep skin tones. 

My eponymous brand was born out of a vision to transform the lack of visible representation and availability of Black character cards in the greeting card industry.


Representation is key to instilling self-worth, building confidence and creating a sense of belonging. 


At the heart of my brand is a purpose and commitment to help you celebrate family, friendships, birthdays and magical life occasions with beautifully designed cards that create connections and spark resonation.


Helping You To Celebrate! 


Unable to find a relatable birthday card of a Black girl flourishing with her afro for my sisters birthday, I decided to create a unique birthday card as a surprise. Reviving my illustration skills which I hadn't used for some years, I excitedly sketched a drawing of a woman with radiant melanin skin, clasping a bunch of balloons and rocking a fabulous afro. 

My sister loved her surprise and was so excited to receive a special card that reflected her skin tone and beautiful afro hair.

Seeing her eyes light up with joy made me want to recreate the same happy experience for other people. I knew that the dilemma of being unable to find relatable celebration cards for people of African and Caribbean heritage was a wide spread dilemma, so I chose to take action and a leap of faith!

My Mission

To shape the future and prominence of Black greeting cards, enabling our customers to celebrate family and cherish friendships with celebration cards worthy of keeping.

My Vision

To be a leading brand synonymous with imaginative cards that elevates the audience we serve and celebrates the diverse shades of beautiful Black skin tones.


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