Brand Partnerships

I believe that by working collaboratively through brand partnerships, black-owned businesses specialising in products and services catering specifically for African and Caribbean communities will thrive as a powerful collective.


Brand Partners

 Jamii - The must have discount card for African and Caribbean owned businesses in the UK. 

Save 20% on all products with your Jamii card

Black Ballad -  UK based lifestyle website aimed at progressive black British women

If you are a passionate brand interested in collaborating with Nicola Lespeare, I'd love to hear from you.

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When I heard about Jamii I knew that our kindred vision to elevate black owned businesses and encourage the

'spend in your community' ethos could join forces!

Jamii is the must have discount card that entitles the holder to savings on an array of black owned products and services. You can save all your lifestyle needs from your favourite hair and skincare products to stunning and empowering artwork including of course, all Nicola Lespeare products!

Jamii was originally founded by Khalia out of her own frustration at not finding the products or the services she wanted in the commercial arena. Khalia recognised that there are game changing entrepreneurs emerging to solve such difficulties, and therefore wanted to celebrate them and support their expansion.

With a Jamii card, you receive fantastic discounts at some of the hottest and newest businesses in the UK - all headed by trailblazing African & Caribbean entrepreneurs.



Click here to discover super cool fashion houses, pioneering beauty brands, and groundbreaking artists.

Find new hair care favourites and indulge in unforgettable eats.


Members of Jamii Shop, Save, Support and have become change-makers for the world we live in.

Nicola Lespeare Brand Partnership with Jamii
Nicola Lespeare Brand Partnership with Black Ballad
Nicola Lespare Brand Partnership with Jamii
Nicola Lespeare Brand Partnership with Black Ballad

Save 20% with Black Ballad, a vibrant UK based lifestyle website whose mission is

'to create a lifestyle platform that empowers the united voice of black women in Britain.'